Facial Therapy

Facial Treatments

Your Personal Best Facial  is a customized facial cleaning with premier esthetic cleaners, steam toning, skin analysis, extractions, and exfoliation. A declete massage, head massage, and healing mask complete the treatment. (50 min. $55)

Anti-Aging    is a treatment that starts with two premier esthetic cleanses, skin analysis, spa declete and head massage. A glycolic or lactic peel to exfoliate the skin. A hydrating mask follows, improves skin pigmentation and tightens the skin by building collagen for a more youthful appearance. (50min. $80)

Dermaplane    treatment helps to take off peach fuzz and damaged hair follicles. The treatment includes two premier esthetic cleanses, skin analysis, spa declete and head massage. An Aha peel is used after dermaplaning to damaged hair follicles. Also a great treatment to exfoliate dead skin and treat pigmentation and collagen building. Follows with a cooling hydrating mask. (70 min. $145 )

Hydrating Skin Repairing Facial    A skin repairing, fatigue fighting facial. Great for after a long distance travel. This treatment starts out with two premier esthetic cleanses, skin analysis, a larch extract declete and facial massage to stimulate collagen formation and raspberry rosehip seed mask to renew cells in the skin. This is followed by a foot rub with mask.( $80)

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial   Facial starts with premier esthetic cleanses skin analysis, microderm helps redness, scarring, and sun damage. This treatment is not approved for Roseaca clients. Followed by a collagen hydrating mask. Recommended in a series if six. Package pricing is available. ( $100)